Sunday, December 20, 2009


Our family loves California and we have once again found ourselves in San Diego!!

Although Jason has always liked the University of Utah, aside from the Red Rocks- i never cared too much about them, however, Jason and I have been following the Utes faithfully since our marriage in 1997. As poor college students who could only afford game nights as our dates, what started out as desperation has become tradition that we now enjoy sharing with our kids!!

Because the Utes will be playing in the Poinsettia Bowl this year, we decided to forgo christmas gifts for the family and take a vacation to CA instead. We did this 2 years ago and it was wonderful!! We loved every minute of it!!

Today was our first day here. We stopped at "Phil's BBQ" for dinner. YUMMY!! Even taylorann, my anti-meat eater, loved the ribs!!

Then off to the beach. I absolutely love the beach!! The kids had a riot collecting shells and "moss". Jaxon loved the sand but hated when the water came in. It really was quite cold. We plan to spend more time on Wednesday at the beach! sooo excited.

Thanks Jason for planning this trip for our family!

And Jason, a special thanks for the new camera!! I so was not expecting that!! THANK YOU!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

turning 1...

I cannot believe baby jax is already one years old. This honestly makes me so sad. This baby closes a chapter in our books and it's really weird, and for me, heart breaking. I felt like I got to enjoy Taylorann and Karson's baby years so much more. I was a stay at home mom and with Jason in school as well as work and a busy church really was just me and the kids so much of the time.
Baby Jax blessed our lives during at time in which I was and still am at very busy stage of my life. I work part time at the hospital in addition to attending Weber State University I am working very hard at getting accepted into the Nursing program. I feel like this last year has just flown by and try as I might, the hands of time continue to turn!!
Thank you baby Jax for your sweet spirit. You have brought something into our home that I didn't even know was missing. I have to admit, I always "felt" there was one more child out there for us, but I had no idea just who this child would be! Thank you for letting Taylorann and Karson love you the way they do. You are so patient to let them play with and teach you the things they want you to learn and do. As stressful as having a baby at this crazy point in my life should have been, you have made it wonderful and peaceful!! You have a very sweet spirit and there is indeed something special about you!!


How is it I've gotten so far behind on my blogging? For a minute there I was doing pretty good. What happended? It couldn't have been work, or Karson's baptism, or my new calling as Activity Day leader. I'm sure it wasn't finals or that big bio-med report. It probably wasn't even Thanksgiving or christmas shopping, wrapping and hiding. I guess time just disapears whether we blog about it or not!

Saturday, November 14th: Karson's Baptism
I am so proud of Karson and the decision he made to get baptized. This boy has such a tender heart and I know he means to do well, he just gets caught up in the excitement of things sometimes. He chose to be baptized at the Granger North Stake Center. This is the same Stake Center his dad was baptized in as well as Taylorann. Our family and some wonderful friends came to support Karson.

We didn't get any photos of him in his baptism suit...things got a little crazy, but i think he's a good lookin kid. He was so excited to get his first "real suit" and wanted to look exactly like his dads. Way to go Karson!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

veteran's day

with today being veteran's day, my "5" will be:
1- gratitude for the men and women who serve this country.
2- gratitude for the freedom to fly an american flag when and where I choose.
3- gratitude for my parent's teaching me to have pride in my country.
4- gratitude for the mother's, father's, sons, daughters, and spouses who have suffered the ultimate sacrifice such as the loss of their soldier.
5- i'm thanful my children know the words to our National Anthem.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

today's 5

1- i'm thankful for my little running buddy. thanks jax!
2- tylenol extra strength!
3- good friends who always seem to call at just the right time.
4- when tay and kars are happy with each other in the morning. laughing and having fun!
5- supportive parents!

Monday, November 9, 2009


I read this idea on the blog of a friend and thought i'd give it a shot. The challenge is to blog every day 5 things your grateful for that day. I imagine somedays there will be more to write about then others as some days are tougher then others, however, I'm up for the challenge! Today is my firs attempt.

1- I'm thankful it's MONDAY. Yes that's right i love mondays. Two months ago I realized working the graveyard shift at the hospital was kicking my butt, so the only other option was to work every weekend. Yep, that means every saturday and every sunday!! It's a hard one to swallow sometimes but everyone knows you do what you gotta do and I constantly remind myself, "this too shall pass." Mondays mean the weekend is over and i can get back to what i truly love and that is being home with my family!!

2- I'm thankful for the gift of a clean home Jason and the kids gave me. Coming home from work yesterday I walk into an emaculate house with dishes done, clothes folded, beds made, and toilet scrubbed. Thanks babe!!

3- I'm thankful for those slobbery kisses and take your breath away hugs I get from the kids when I get home from work. I always envied Jason for that. After a long day at work he would barely even make it through the doors before he was tripping over little ones, arms outstretched, yelling "DADDY!!" Now I get to experience this for myself. I think tay and kars have a bet to see who can squeeze mom the hardest. Although it leaves me gasping for air, I love that they love me. And then amongst the noise, I hear jax man trailing behind. Around the corner he peeks, mouth open, drool dripping, and the cutest little tongue hanging out...makes my heart swell just thinkin about it!! i love my babies!

4- I'm thankful for my health. I don't know when or if I've ever been satisfied with the body I have, but my body works and functions. I'm able to play with my children. I'm able to run on the treadmill, although the time is not what it once was. I don' wear the pant size I'd love to wear and I certainly have plenty more pounds to loose before I'm happy with my weight, but you know what...I'm learning that health is mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual!!

5- I'm thankful for this challenge. As I said before, i know some days will be easier to blog then others, but if even for a moment i take a time out and recognize my blessings, i know i'll recognize the blessings of love, friendship, happiness, health, family, work, many things.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

mmm mmm good!

well it's not Campbell's but I love it just the same!! I found this recipe for chicken taco stew. it's so yummy this time of year. throw it in the crockpot and forget about it. one bowl and you'll be craving more. just wanted to share the wealth!!

2 cans chicken breast meat
1 (medium) onion, chopped
1- 15 oz can, corn
1- 28 oz can diced tomatoes (i like the petite chopped)
1- 4 oz can diced chiles
1- 15 oz can pinto beans
1- 15 oz can great northern beans
1 packet McCormick Chicken Chili

Don't drain any of your liquids, add everything to the crockpot. Cook on high 2-3 hours or low 4-6 hours. If needed you can add 1/2-1 cup water throughout cooking. Serve in bowls and top with Fritos, shredded cheese and sour cream!!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We finally made it to the canyons for photos!! I have been wanting to do this since the beginning of the "color change." I think Autumn has become my favorite season. Not too hot, not too cold, and the colors are beautiful!! Taylorann is becomming such a beautiful young lady. She is a very happy person. She loves life and lives it to the fullest. She has really stepped up to the plate in helping and supporting me. She is very quick to help with the boys, help with housework, and just in general be my friend. I love you Taylorann!! Karson Ray is 100% boy!! He is so completely tender hearted. He wants to know that he is doing good and wants to do his best in everything!! He is trying hard to get himself ready for his baptism next month. He played flag football this year and absolutely loved it!! Karson loves having the chance to be a big brother. Wrestling with Jaxon is one of his most favorite things to do!! Karson, you're indeed a blessing in my life!!
Jaxon Kade!! Thank you so much for joining our family!! The gift of having Jaxon become a part of our family came as quite a surprise, but nonetheless, he has brought a feeling of completion!! Jaxon brings love, happiness and smiles to our family. It has been so fun watching taylorann and karson celebrate the accomplishments jaxon makes. From smiling to laughing. From sitting to crawling. They love seeing him grow!! Jaxon we love you!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the faith of a child...

I am so thankful for the experience taylorann and I had the other day. I asked if she would mind if I shared this experience and she was glad to be able to share this with family and friends. These are her thoughts, she wrote down her testimony. I'm thankful for her faith and example.

My Testimony

"Today when I was cleaning my room, my mom came in and told me I needed my flu shot on Friday. Now I'm a big baby when it comes to shots. I hate shots. I always have. But any way, when my mom told me that, I got scared. I didn't know what to do. My mom just said, if you let Heavenly Father and Jesus come in to your heart, he'll help you. So when she said that I sat up and I said a prayer to Him and I asked him if He'll be with me when we did that. But I was still scared so I asked my mom if she'll say a prayer with me, and we did. What my mom said really let Heavenly Father warm my heart and I heard Him say to me that I will be there with you. After that I just started to cry. When I heard Him say that to me I knew that if I just kept my faith on Him and let Him into my heart He would be there with me."

"So I ask you to say your prayers and listen to Him because I know that our Heavenly Father will help you with whatever you need if you just let Him into your heart. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

This is my daughter teaching me!! Thank you tay for your faith and desire to have answers to prayers. This was a lesson put to test for me today as we watched Grandpa Payne go in for triple by-pass surgery. I let my fears get the best of me. I felt as though I were drowning. I was trying so hard to keep myself busy so I wouldn't think about how scared I was, and I kept feeling worse and more scared. I saw your note sitting on the desk and I read it again. Taylorann this brought me to my knees and there I found strength in the Lord. THANK YOU TAY!

Family and Friends: I know this is a little personal but if we can't share our faith promoting experiences with those we love who can we share them with. Let this be a lesson to us all. Be willing to listen to that still small voice. It comes in many forms, and today, it came in the sweet testimony of my taylorann.!
As a side note. Marty has come out of surgery. Things went great. He will be in ICU at St. Marks Hospital. Thank you for prayers and faith in his behalf.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

fun with grandpa...

my dad, Grandpa Randy, travels alot with his work. This week he traveled to Ogden and the hotel his work put him in is just down the street from us. Tonight he was able to have the kids come and play at the pool with him.
Karson and Jaxon playing around.
It's nearly impossible to get jaxon to look at the camera and completely impossible to get karson to have a serious face!
taylor and jaxon having fun!
it only took about 5 tries to get this. SO CUTE!!

my three cuties!

taylorann, grandpa randy, jaxon, and karson!
thanks dad, the kids had a great time and completely ZONKED out when we got home!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I finally finished my kitchen! I love how it turned out. The red is darker than what I thought it'd be but that's alright, I think it works well with the wood, black and silver. I still want to get a few more decorations, some black candle sticks or something...i don't know...still thinking.
This project didn't even use half of the gallon of paint home depot said I needed. Now to figure out where to use the rest of it. Karson wants to put some in his room. Our computer room, better known as the "man cave" is completely U of U attire, I think this color would go well there.
Now I just need to figure out what to paint next. I have an idea for the downstairs bathroom and the kids' bathroom...can't wait to get started!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I have been wanting to do this for a very long time. I decided this week I was just going to go for it. I wanted to bring out the beautfiul wood work of the kitchen and I felt like adding color to the walls would do the trick.
This is only the first coat of paint. I like where it's heading though! Jason didn't know i was doing this today, I was hoping to have it all finished before he got home but oh well...more pics to come.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

summer time fun

Jaxon and Kayla chillin it pool style!!
Grandma K and Grandpa Randy had a big backyard water party. Waterslides, balloon tosses, squirt guns, swimming pools and the good ol' hose!! We ordered pizza for lunch and enjoyed home made ice cream!! Lots of fun was had by everyone!! Thanks m and d for a great day!!

One of the most amazing women I know!! Great Grandma B with her great grandchildren!! These are 8 out of 34!! Grandma spends April-October here in Utah and the "cold" months, October - April in CA. This woman never slows down!!! While here she travels from Utah county to Weber County to Uintah County and Sanpete County to visit with family. She also goes to Maryland to visit a daughter and often TX or AZ to visit grandchildren there. She does her best to make blessings, baptisms, family get togethers and birthday parties. We all LOVE grandma B!!

Here's trouble!! Marissa, Karson, Taylorann, and Abby

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

fun in the sun...

The kids and I spent the day at the Roy swimming pool!! Boy did they love it! So many fun things to do. High dive, low dive, 2 water slides, aquatic playgrounds... even Jax had fun!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

water, water, and more water!!

My cute family...i think talyorann was busy on the diving board, thought i had photos of her, but can't find 'em right now.

Don't ya love Jax's speedo!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


things have been awful busy around here. not a fun sorta busy though. hopes of fun vacations this summer and time at the reservoir have been dashed by graveyard shifts and math homework and tests. I wish we could do more with the kids this summer but it looks like it's just one of those years.

We had a great 4th of July weekend, celebrating Hawaii style!! Jason's brother Russ has a great set of in-laws who put on a huge shin-dig every year!! Living right across from Sugarhouse park, they invite us up for an evening of dinner and fireworks. This year they went with a Luau theme....loved it. Kids did the hula, we had kabobs and pulled pork for dinner, cute little lei skirts! so much fun!! The fourth is my absolute favorite holiday. I even prefer it over Christmas!!

We've enjoyed a few trips to the swimming pool. The kids really enjoy the water...even jaxon had a great time getting his feet wet!!

photos will follow soon...

Friday, June 5, 2009


Finally....after waiting all year long, Taylorann got to go to work with Jason. All year she has been more than anxious to meet David. Although he no longer attends Murray High School, he still tries to stop by the seminary and enjoy a lesson here or there. His schedule is very busy and always changing at the last minute.

David told Jason he would be to school on Monday and would love to meet Taylorann and be happy to sign some photos for her. She was absolutely beside herself. We were really hoping David's schedule would allow him to show. Although she expressed an understanding that he might not be able to make it, we knew it really meant alot to her.
He was so nice and polite with taylorann. She talked with him about his recent appearance on a Hannah Montana episode. She was so excited..."mom, he kinda, sorta hugged me!" too cute tay!

I was really thankful to Jason for setting this up for taylorann, he knew it meant alot to her. They actually have a daddy/daughter date tomorrow night to the REAL Salt Lake game where David will be singing the National Anthem as well as a few other songs!!

Friday, May 29, 2009


"Mom, there's a snake outside." Karson, don't joke, that's gross." "No mom, really there's a snake by the garage."

Sure enough, there is a snake slithering across my garage door. Karson opens the door so now the snake is IN my garage! I HATE SNAKES!! My toes curl so tight, my ears start ringing, and my blood pressure sky rockets...I HATE SNAKES.

It's the middle of the afternoon so Jason is still at work. I call my friend whose hubby does swing shift and they're not home. The neighbor boy is gone...who is going to save me from this snake. Enter: Brother B!! Oh ya, I sent Karson to go get his primary teacher, retired and hopefully just sittin at home.

Brother B, shows up and gets mr. snake in a bowl, then in a water bottle, and I send Karson off to send the snake down the ridgeline. I'm sure he'll probably come back, but at least he's gone for now.

Now the real kicker...Brother B hates snakes too!! Thank you Brother B, you saved the day!

Monday, May 25, 2009

I love Memorial Day...the chance to take a timeout and just reflect, remember, and appreciate.

My sisters and I were raised with a great appreciation for our country and the men and women who serve this country. Not only was my dad military, but I have many cousins and uncles who served in the military. Air Force, National Guard, and Marines. Jason's dad is also retired Air Force Reserves. I'm sincerely thankful for the many sacrifices that are made in my behalf, so my family and I have the freedoms we enjoy. Please, if you see a man or woman in uniform, shake their hand and say thankyou...those words can never be offered to much!

We started the day out bright and early with the kids running a one mile race in Syracuse Park. It was alot of fun and they enjoyed the competition, Karson especially. Although we gave him the "pace yourself" speech the night before, as soon as race guides said "GO" who was off...eyes wide, holding breath, arms just a pumping!! He ended up running the whole mile and ran it in 7:30 min. Taylorann had a great time. She wasn't too concerned about "busting butt" and just wanted to have fun. She and Trevor, the neighbor boy just ran with each other.

We then went to Utah county to visit the gravesites. I know the cemetaries are always so full and busy this day, but I love being able to go. I love to see all the flowers, and just enjoy the beauty of it.

Darrell Beveridge- GrandpaB.
David Mark Williams

Here we are at Grandma Adams grave, because she passed away only a few weeks ago,there is no headstone. (Karson, Taylorann, Jaxon, Makayla, Marissa, Maranda, and Madison. Abby went camping for the weekend so we didn't get to see her.)

Back home for some BBQ with our next door neighbors, Jason and Julie, and their boys Tyler and Trevor. Not really sure why Jason has his hands on his hips but he looks pretty cute though right!

And here's baby Jax just along for the ride. He is such a good sport. Very patient and such a happy baby! Always quick with a smile.
I love my family!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

look at me now....

Jaxon was being so cute today!

He would stand straight up and lock his little legs. I set him against the couch with his little bum balancing him...the kids thought for sure Jax was standing by himself.

He looks soo big...can't believe 6 months from now he'll be doing this on his own.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Well...i think i'm starting to understand this blogging stuff just a little bit more. Thanks to the help of some friends...hopefully i can remember what you taught me. So how bout an update!!

Jaxon Kade Payne joined our family December 14th, 2008. He has been a joy and a blessing in our family! It has been so fun watching taylorann and karson enjoy their roles as his sibling. They both take pride in bringing laughs and smiles to their baby brother. Thank you baby Jax for your sweet spirit!

Karson is all boy!! He is very much into skate boarding, football, collecting and trading football cards, and finding every opportunity to tease his sister!! He has had so much fun in the first grade this year and is doing wonderful at reading. It brings joy to my heart as he expresses his love for Taylorann and Jaxon. He is very tender-hearted and wants to make people happy. He is happiness!

Taylorann is my sweet friend! I love the relationship we have as mom and daughter and also as friends. I'm glad she wants to spend time with me, i fear this won't always be the case! She loves life and lives it to the fullest! She is very much into Hannah Montana and has every song memorized. She loves "acting" or putting on shows. Whether it be dancing, singing, or role playing, she is always happy to have an audience. She is huge help to me and I am so thankful to her and for her!

Jason...Jason seems to find a new hobby every year. First fishing, then geo caching, then grave hunting, and most recently running. Out of the blue he tells me he's going to do the Ogden 1/2 marathon with his buddies from work. True to his word, he trained for and ran an impressive 2:31 minute 1/2 marathon! Too cool Jace!!

I myself have taken on a new role as a college student! As daunting as this was in the beginning, it has been a rewarding experience! I have enjoyed the opportunity to step outside...way outside my comfort zone and expand myself. I love my job as a CNA on the mom and baby unit. I really enjoy the people and patients I work with. More than anything I love being a wife and mother to a wonderful family. They are my life. They each play such an important part in who I am today!

Sorry for the novel but that's what happens when you have nearly 6 months of updating. Hopefully I'll stay on top of things...this really is kinda fun!