Monday, May 18, 2009

Well...i think i'm starting to understand this blogging stuff just a little bit more. Thanks to the help of some friends...hopefully i can remember what you taught me. So how bout an update!!

Jaxon Kade Payne joined our family December 14th, 2008. He has been a joy and a blessing in our family! It has been so fun watching taylorann and karson enjoy their roles as his sibling. They both take pride in bringing laughs and smiles to their baby brother. Thank you baby Jax for your sweet spirit!

Karson is all boy!! He is very much into skate boarding, football, collecting and trading football cards, and finding every opportunity to tease his sister!! He has had so much fun in the first grade this year and is doing wonderful at reading. It brings joy to my heart as he expresses his love for Taylorann and Jaxon. He is very tender-hearted and wants to make people happy. He is happiness!

Taylorann is my sweet friend! I love the relationship we have as mom and daughter and also as friends. I'm glad she wants to spend time with me, i fear this won't always be the case! She loves life and lives it to the fullest! She is very much into Hannah Montana and has every song memorized. She loves "acting" or putting on shows. Whether it be dancing, singing, or role playing, she is always happy to have an audience. She is huge help to me and I am so thankful to her and for her!

Jason...Jason seems to find a new hobby every year. First fishing, then geo caching, then grave hunting, and most recently running. Out of the blue he tells me he's going to do the Ogden 1/2 marathon with his buddies from work. True to his word, he trained for and ran an impressive 2:31 minute 1/2 marathon! Too cool Jace!!

I myself have taken on a new role as a college student! As daunting as this was in the beginning, it has been a rewarding experience! I have enjoyed the opportunity to step outside...way outside my comfort zone and expand myself. I love my job as a CNA on the mom and baby unit. I really enjoy the people and patients I work with. More than anything I love being a wife and mother to a wonderful family. They are my life. They each play such an important part in who I am today!

Sorry for the novel but that's what happens when you have nearly 6 months of updating. Hopefully I'll stay on top of things...this really is kinda fun!


kacie said...

Yeah you did it!!! Cute kids as always!!!

Liz, Karl and Madison said...

I'm excited you are learning how to blog. It really is addicting but I love it. It's good to see what your family has been up to.

Carrie said...

good to see you finally updated! i have been checking and checking....i am not the best either, but keep up to date with us too....maybe we will see you guys at the football games soon!
awesome job jason!