Monday, May 25, 2009

I love Memorial Day...the chance to take a timeout and just reflect, remember, and appreciate.

My sisters and I were raised with a great appreciation for our country and the men and women who serve this country. Not only was my dad military, but I have many cousins and uncles who served in the military. Air Force, National Guard, and Marines. Jason's dad is also retired Air Force Reserves. I'm sincerely thankful for the many sacrifices that are made in my behalf, so my family and I have the freedoms we enjoy. Please, if you see a man or woman in uniform, shake their hand and say thankyou...those words can never be offered to much!

We started the day out bright and early with the kids running a one mile race in Syracuse Park. It was alot of fun and they enjoyed the competition, Karson especially. Although we gave him the "pace yourself" speech the night before, as soon as race guides said "GO" who was off...eyes wide, holding breath, arms just a pumping!! He ended up running the whole mile and ran it in 7:30 min. Taylorann had a great time. She wasn't too concerned about "busting butt" and just wanted to have fun. She and Trevor, the neighbor boy just ran with each other.

We then went to Utah county to visit the gravesites. I know the cemetaries are always so full and busy this day, but I love being able to go. I love to see all the flowers, and just enjoy the beauty of it.

Darrell Beveridge- GrandpaB.
David Mark Williams

Here we are at Grandma Adams grave, because she passed away only a few weeks ago,there is no headstone. (Karson, Taylorann, Jaxon, Makayla, Marissa, Maranda, and Madison. Abby went camping for the weekend so we didn't get to see her.)

Back home for some BBQ with our next door neighbors, Jason and Julie, and their boys Tyler and Trevor. Not really sure why Jason has his hands on his hips but he looks pretty cute though right!

And here's baby Jax just along for the ride. He is such a good sport. Very patient and such a happy baby! Always quick with a smile.
I love my family!

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Carrie said...

very fun. adorable Jaxon! he does seem so happy! i think that is great you are teaching your kids to appreciate military service!