Sunday, November 23, 2008

What a great night!! We started the night out at Su Casa with Gregg and Carrie, good food/good friends. Then we hoped on trax and headed to the stadium. End result:Utah 48- BYU 24!! Jason and I had so much fun. Karson kept trying to convince me that I needed to give him my ticket. He would remind me that it was going to be cold, loud, and that I'd have to hike the stairs to row 53, I felt bad (kinda) but I kept my ticket!

Utes are 12-0 and headed to a BCS Bowel. Jason has made it clear that he is heading to the game and to make sure I have support with two week old Jaxon- he will leave Taylorann with me and is more than willing to take Karson off my hands! May I add last time he left me for the bowl game he told me it was a once in a lifetime opportunity! Oh well- what can I do. Anyway- we had a lot of fun this year and can't wait for next years season tickets to go on sale. Is there an age limit in writing a letter to Santa?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

So let me take this chance to update you on our life. There are a few friends we haven't been in contact with for a very long time, and can't wait to rekindle those friendships. It's been fun to "peek" into your lives through the wonderful world of blogging. This is what has enticed me to give it a shot. I love hearing how everyone is doing and am glad all is well.

As far as I can tell, Jason is finally finished with school. He graduated with his EdD in May of 2007. So far he hasn't asked to go back yet, and now that i'm in school, I'm hoping it will stay this way. He has had much fun with his new found free time, something with held for quite sometime because of school endeavors. He still enjoys teaching seminary and has many great students.

I love my job as a nurse assistant on the mother baby unit. It has only confirmed to me more the desires I have of becoming a nurse. Thus my attempt at returning to school. This has been a challenge and yet uplifting. I was afraid I was too old to go back, but really do enjoy it.

Taylorann and Karson are doing great in school. They both have good friends and wonderful teachers. We are happy to seem them work so hard to earn good grades. They both anxiously await the arrival of their baby brother this Christmas. Although he came as a huge surprise, we are adapting well and getting ready to give the baby world a try again.

Again, it will be great to hear from ya'll. Take care.
Payne Family

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dog Lake Oct 30th

Jason and Matt went mountain biking up Millcreek Canyon to Dog Lake.

Taylorann and Karson Halloween 2008

Even the rain couldn't stop these two goblins from the yearly Trick or Treating fun! This year Taylorann spent the evening with some friends from school. Movie, pizza and trick or treating. Mom was a little sad that she's already starting the "I'd rather be with my friends" stage, but excited that she has made good friends at school.

Karson took Jason around the neighborhood and scored BIG TIME!! His bag got so heavy Jason ended up calling me to come pick them up. They came home and rested for a whole 5 minutes and Karson was ready to head back out again. Jason was a good sport and took him. I stayed home to hand out treats and finish an english assignment. GOOD TIMES!

Starting Out!

Alrighty- we thought we'd jump on the boat with our family and friends and give the blogging life a shot. Be patient with us as we try to figure this out. We're excited to be able to keep in touch and know how everyone's doing. Any advice would be much appreciated!