Tuesday, December 15, 2009

turning 1...

I cannot believe baby jax is already one years old. This honestly makes me so sad. This baby closes a chapter in our books and it's really weird, and for me, heart breaking. I felt like I got to enjoy Taylorann and Karson's baby years so much more. I was a stay at home mom and with Jason in school as well as work and a busy church calling...it really was just me and the kids so much of the time.
Baby Jax blessed our lives during at time in which I was and still am at very busy stage of my life. I work part time at the hospital in addition to attending Weber State University I am working very hard at getting accepted into the Nursing program. I feel like this last year has just flown by and try as I might, the hands of time continue to turn!!
Thank you baby Jax for your sweet spirit. You have brought something into our home that I didn't even know was missing. I have to admit, I always "felt" there was one more child out there for us, but I had no idea just who this child would be! Thank you for letting Taylorann and Karson love you the way they do. You are so patient to let them play with and teach you the things they want you to learn and do. As stressful as having a baby at this crazy point in my life should have been, you have made it wonderful and peaceful!! You have a very sweet spirit and there is indeed something special about you!!


Liz, Karl and Madison said...

Ok I love LoVe love that first picture! What a doll! Too cute.

Carrie said...

i hate that time flies by too! i wish so many times we could just bottle it up and keep it for days when we are lonely later!