Friday, June 5, 2009


Finally....after waiting all year long, Taylorann got to go to work with Jason. All year she has been more than anxious to meet David. Although he no longer attends Murray High School, he still tries to stop by the seminary and enjoy a lesson here or there. His schedule is very busy and always changing at the last minute.

David told Jason he would be to school on Monday and would love to meet Taylorann and be happy to sign some photos for her. She was absolutely beside herself. We were really hoping David's schedule would allow him to show. Although she expressed an understanding that he might not be able to make it, we knew it really meant alot to her.
He was so nice and polite with taylorann. She talked with him about his recent appearance on a Hannah Montana episode. She was so excited..."mom, he kinda, sorta hugged me!" too cute tay!

I was really thankful to Jason for setting this up for taylorann, he knew it meant alot to her. They actually have a daddy/daughter date tomorrow night to the REAL Salt Lake game where David will be singing the National Anthem as well as a few other songs!!