Monday, February 7, 2011

My Quest...

In my head I want to be a perfectionist, in my heart I want to be H.A.P.P.Y.

When reality sets in and I find myself falling short of what I perceive as "perfection", for some reason I think throwing in the towel seems the best option. One of my biggest goals this year is to appreciate life and live it to its fullest. And by saying "fullest" I don't mean perfection, I mean gratitude. I choose to be thankful for the gifts God grants me. I choose to see the beauties that surround me. I choose to believe that those who love me do so without expectation or regret. I choose to express my love more freely. I desire to love the woman I am becoming. I say the woman I am "becoming" rather then the woman I "am", because right now, I am a work in progress. There is a part of me that once was, that I feel is no more. I long to find this being. There is a part of me that "is" that I desire to become "was". I promise, I know what I'm trying to say, even if my laptop doesn't know how to type it!

From this day forward, I commit to myself and to my family to be the best me there is. I don't promise to be "The Best" but rather "My Best", because when I fall short, which I know I will, I need to know that I'm still ok. Farewell to bad attitudes. So long to negative thoughts. Adios to hiding or running away.

Join me on this journey. With head held high and a knowledge and vision of who I can become, I accept the challenge..."Be strong and of a good courage."

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Darts, Wildcats, Spartans and Chargers! that summer's come and gone we find ourselves back in school and back in school we are. This year we are at 4 different schools!

Jason got transferred this year and will be teaching at Davis High School, he's the dart!! He's had fun getting to know the kids as well as the staff. This is the largest staff he's been with, 16 teachers and 2 secretaries. We all like that his commute is so much closer!!

I'm back at Weber State University. "GO WILDCATS!" I see a small light at the end of this tunnel. If I play my cards right, I'll have my associates this spring! This is exciting for's been alot of work! I really should've figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up, BEFORE I grew up!! Oh well...we've made it and now we'll just wait and see how long it takes to get into the actual nursing program. Once that starts I'll have two years and be D.O.N.E.

Taylorann is this family's first Spartan!! She's in her first year of Jr. High. She's really luck cuz they just rebuilt the new South Ogden Jr. High. It's a beautiful school. She's already tried out for the softball team and was actually really happy she didn't make it cuz that meant she could try out for the school play!! She's such a positive, happy person!! She is having such a great time meeting and making new friends. She made me laugh the other day when she told me how shocked she was to hear so many boys with "deep voices". lol!

Karson is a big 'ol third grader! His teacher is a new teacher at the Charger's school and she seems really strict and really fun. Funny, I'll never forget my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Burquist!! boy was she strict!! Karson's happy to be back into the routine of things. He started his first year of tackle football and needless to say, has loved every minute of it!

Jaxon...cute little jaxon is just along for the ride. He loves to be on the go wherever everyone else is. He's so content to ride in the van and be bounced from one activity to another. We almost had him enrolled in a daycare program right by our house, but...well...this mom wasn't ready for that yet!! Knowing he's our baby, I wanna hang on just a little bit longer!! Once I get into the nursing program we won't have a choice but to send him to school all day, every day, so for now...we'll just make things work!!

As crazy as things are right now, I really love where I'm at. I'm proud of my kids and the choices they make. Could they make better ones, sure, but couldn't we all. It's so easy to let the day to day things overwhelm and exhaust, but in the end, what's really important!

Things get so busy sometimes, there are days where jason leaves for work, I leave for work before he gets home, work a graveyard and come home just in time for him to leave for work. He gets home just after i've left for school, a few more days/night's like this and before you know it, the week is over!!

Hang in there...

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I wish I could navigate this bolgging thing a little more productively. I struggle getting my photos to fit. I can't seem to get a background to stick. And I want different fonts. Oh well...I'll keep trying!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


In my parent's home, my mom has a crosstich plaque that states, "God mad us sisters, Love made us friends." The tradition in my family is girls, girls, and more girls. My grandma B. came from a family of 4 daughters, she had 4 daughters, my mom had 3 daughters and my older sister Nisha has 4 daughters. (I honestly hope one of her daughters has all girls. Just for tradition's sake!)
There is a special bond between sisters, and this bond what testified to me in a most humble way! As my grandma's sister, my Aunt Carol, battles cancer, I watched the tenderness and grace my grandma offered as she helped her sister walk across the lawn to the house. The manner in which she held her, it was as if to say, "Sis, I know you can do it, but I'm here if you need me!"

It was one of those lessons that you learn where no word is spoken, no script is read and the heart hears more than the ears!! Because of this, I hope to be a better sister. A better friend. A better person!

A spoonful of...

Lets see...what was the song Ms. Poppins used to sing, "a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down the medicine go down the medicine go down...". Well, in this family, we believe in a spoonful of PEANUT BUTTER!!

Yep!! Right out of the jar!! There's not a one of us who doesn't delight in digging for a big ol scoop and enjoying pure delight! This includes Jaxon!! I didn't even know he liked this till one day, despite all my attempts to quiet the whining, I was surprised when Jason said to me, "he just wants some Peanut Butter." He opens the lid, scoops out the goop, and hands over the spoon. Jaxon's scowl was replaced with a smile and the whining replaced with lip smacking!! Jax had ZERO complaints.

My country tis of thee...

I love, love, love the fourth of July! In all honesty, i love our celebrations of the 4th more so than Christmas! Between Jason and I, we rotate our family celebrations with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even Easter, just to try and minimize the "stress" of being to both families. However, there is no negotiating with the 4th. It's crazy and hectic, and I love every minute of it!

Our celebrations start in the small town of Mt. Pleasant, UT. We either camp the night of the 3rd or just drive down the early hours of the 4th. This year, Taylorann went down on the 3rd with aunt Janni and miss ab's. J was brave enough to take 3 of Nisha's girls as well as abby and tay to the Rodeo!! thank you J!!!

Jason, Karson, Jaxon and I woke up around 0530 and headed out about 0600. The drive was beautiful. We went through Thistle Canyon which we haven't done for years. Both Karson and Jaxon stayed awake the whole drive!

We got to the park just in time to see janni, tay and abs. Mom, dad, Grandma B, riss and rand. Nisha, Steve and the other girls were on their way. Deon and her crew were there. Clark and Daralyn came also. It's tradition to eat breakfast at the park. Mom and Dad pay for each of us and our families. It seems the community rotates every year who will serve, This year was the IHC hospital employees. Pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, sausage, juice and milk!! YUMMMM

After breakfast we cruise the park checking out the different booths and concessions. This year mom, janni and abs did the spray on tat's. Abby had fun riding the mechanical bull!!

Now we head to aunt Deon's to get ready for the parade. I took Tay and Kars with me, while Jason stayed home with Jax for a much needed nap! They have a children's parade which Rissa, Randa, Madison and Kayla got to ride in this year. They had their bikes all decked out. Kay went about half way, once she passed us she flipped a U-E and said she was done! The "real" parade started at 11:30. By this time, everyone's arrived Brett, Justin and Kayle and their families. Chan and her clan. And this year...sweet aunt Carol made it. What a blessing to have her and her daughter and SIL!

We stand with hand on heart to honor the flag and the soldier's who carry it! It's hard to keep the tears away! Uncle Erwin rides on the vehicle with the "town vets". GOD BLESS AMERICA and GOD BLESS THE SOLDIERS THAT SERVE HER!!

This is a small town parade so they still throw candy. We were all so excited to see Uncle Erwin throwing the Salt Water taffy!! Thinking he was gonna "hook us up!" (note to uncle E. have a pair of scissors handy next year so you can get the bag open!! those 3 pieces you threw out didn't go too far!!)

The parade ends and it's back to aunt deon's for food prep and water fun. Aunt D has an irragation ditch that run's through the front yard. The kids love it!! Jax got in on the fun this year!! Lunch was perfect as always. Marinated Moroni Turkey, salads, fruit, home made root beer and of course, dessert!!

After some great fun, we pack up and get ready for more of it!! On our way to Salt Lake! Sterling and Elaine (Jason's brother's in-law's) live just above Sugarhouse Park. This is perfect cuz we get both great seating for the fireworks as well as reserved parking. This year is year 15 that Elaine has hosted such a grand event. We have been going for 13 years having missed only one time. There has to be no less than 40 guests at their home. Not to mention the 2 or 3 plates Elaine dishes and delivers to "in-bound" friends!!

Dinner was scrumptious! Sloppy joes, fruit, veggies, salads and amazing desserts. Uncle Russ leads the kids in games and a pre-firework, firework show! The kids are paired up for a balloon toss. Laryssa and Jax weren't too concerned about catching the balloons as they were about, holding, squeezing, tossing, and biting them!!

Now it's time to move to the front lawn for the grand display!! This is the time Sterling busts out the popsicles! He has a big ol' bowl full and everyone chooses their favorite flavor or color. YUMMY!!

The evening ends and although we tried to get on the road before the crowd, we finally make it home at 1230!! Another fun, safe and amazing holiday, celebrated and enjoyed by all!

Thank you to all my family members who have served in the military. Air Force, Marines, Utah Army Natinal Guard, and Air National Guard!! I have watched as you fight for the freedoms I enjoy. Whether you've fought these battles here on the homefront or abroad, to you...I salute and honor!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

life...and how we're living it

my excuse for not blogging the last 2 months...nothing worth stating. yes, things have busy and for some reason the hands on the clock just keep moving, but we are living life and enjoying all that comes with it. some of the things that we've been up to lately.
May brought a picinic to Liberty Park with all of my family. We celebrated mothers day. Janni found a scrapbook and had each of the grandkids write a page to grandma kae, sharing with her their favorite memories. The book turned out beautifully! We enjoyed lunch and the kids loved running around the park! What a fun day!

We also spent a weekend this month cheering and yelling for Jason as we anxiously watched for him to cross the finish line of the 2010 Ogden Marathon!! My parents as well as Grandma B, Janni and Abby came to add support! Jason did great and we were so proud of him!

mom and grandma b!

watching and waiting!!

here he comes!

FINISHED! WAHOO JASON! We're SO proud of you!