Sunday, December 20, 2009


Our family loves California and we have once again found ourselves in San Diego!!

Although Jason has always liked the University of Utah, aside from the Red Rocks- i never cared too much about them, however, Jason and I have been following the Utes faithfully since our marriage in 1997. As poor college students who could only afford game nights as our dates, what started out as desperation has become tradition that we now enjoy sharing with our kids!!

Because the Utes will be playing in the Poinsettia Bowl this year, we decided to forgo christmas gifts for the family and take a vacation to CA instead. We did this 2 years ago and it was wonderful!! We loved every minute of it!!

Today was our first day here. We stopped at "Phil's BBQ" for dinner. YUMMY!! Even taylorann, my anti-meat eater, loved the ribs!!

Then off to the beach. I absolutely love the beach!! The kids had a riot collecting shells and "moss". Jaxon loved the sand but hated when the water came in. It really was quite cold. We plan to spend more time on Wednesday at the beach! sooo excited.

Thanks Jason for planning this trip for our family!

And Jason, a special thanks for the new camera!! I so was not expecting that!! THANK YOU!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

turning 1...

I cannot believe baby jax is already one years old. This honestly makes me so sad. This baby closes a chapter in our books and it's really weird, and for me, heart breaking. I felt like I got to enjoy Taylorann and Karson's baby years so much more. I was a stay at home mom and with Jason in school as well as work and a busy church really was just me and the kids so much of the time.
Baby Jax blessed our lives during at time in which I was and still am at very busy stage of my life. I work part time at the hospital in addition to attending Weber State University I am working very hard at getting accepted into the Nursing program. I feel like this last year has just flown by and try as I might, the hands of time continue to turn!!
Thank you baby Jax for your sweet spirit. You have brought something into our home that I didn't even know was missing. I have to admit, I always "felt" there was one more child out there for us, but I had no idea just who this child would be! Thank you for letting Taylorann and Karson love you the way they do. You are so patient to let them play with and teach you the things they want you to learn and do. As stressful as having a baby at this crazy point in my life should have been, you have made it wonderful and peaceful!! You have a very sweet spirit and there is indeed something special about you!!


How is it I've gotten so far behind on my blogging? For a minute there I was doing pretty good. What happended? It couldn't have been work, or Karson's baptism, or my new calling as Activity Day leader. I'm sure it wasn't finals or that big bio-med report. It probably wasn't even Thanksgiving or christmas shopping, wrapping and hiding. I guess time just disapears whether we blog about it or not!

Saturday, November 14th: Karson's Baptism
I am so proud of Karson and the decision he made to get baptized. This boy has such a tender heart and I know he means to do well, he just gets caught up in the excitement of things sometimes. He chose to be baptized at the Granger North Stake Center. This is the same Stake Center his dad was baptized in as well as Taylorann. Our family and some wonderful friends came to support Karson.

We didn't get any photos of him in his baptism suit...things got a little crazy, but i think he's a good lookin kid. He was so excited to get his first "real suit" and wanted to look exactly like his dads. Way to go Karson!!