Wednesday, September 23, 2009

fun with grandpa...

my dad, Grandpa Randy, travels alot with his work. This week he traveled to Ogden and the hotel his work put him in is just down the street from us. Tonight he was able to have the kids come and play at the pool with him.
Karson and Jaxon playing around.
It's nearly impossible to get jaxon to look at the camera and completely impossible to get karson to have a serious face!
taylor and jaxon having fun!
it only took about 5 tries to get this. SO CUTE!!

my three cuties!

taylorann, grandpa randy, jaxon, and karson!
thanks dad, the kids had a great time and completely ZONKED out when we got home!!

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Carrie said...

fun! it looks like your family are a bunch of fish! always, always swimming... good on ya!