Monday, November 9, 2009


I read this idea on the blog of a friend and thought i'd give it a shot. The challenge is to blog every day 5 things your grateful for that day. I imagine somedays there will be more to write about then others as some days are tougher then others, however, I'm up for the challenge! Today is my firs attempt.

1- I'm thankful it's MONDAY. Yes that's right i love mondays. Two months ago I realized working the graveyard shift at the hospital was kicking my butt, so the only other option was to work every weekend. Yep, that means every saturday and every sunday!! It's a hard one to swallow sometimes but everyone knows you do what you gotta do and I constantly remind myself, "this too shall pass." Mondays mean the weekend is over and i can get back to what i truly love and that is being home with my family!!

2- I'm thankful for the gift of a clean home Jason and the kids gave me. Coming home from work yesterday I walk into an emaculate house with dishes done, clothes folded, beds made, and toilet scrubbed. Thanks babe!!

3- I'm thankful for those slobbery kisses and take your breath away hugs I get from the kids when I get home from work. I always envied Jason for that. After a long day at work he would barely even make it through the doors before he was tripping over little ones, arms outstretched, yelling "DADDY!!" Now I get to experience this for myself. I think tay and kars have a bet to see who can squeeze mom the hardest. Although it leaves me gasping for air, I love that they love me. And then amongst the noise, I hear jax man trailing behind. Around the corner he peeks, mouth open, drool dripping, and the cutest little tongue hanging out...makes my heart swell just thinkin about it!! i love my babies!

4- I'm thankful for my health. I don't know when or if I've ever been satisfied with the body I have, but my body works and functions. I'm able to play with my children. I'm able to run on the treadmill, although the time is not what it once was. I don' wear the pant size I'd love to wear and I certainly have plenty more pounds to loose before I'm happy with my weight, but you know what...I'm learning that health is mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual!!

5- I'm thankful for this challenge. As I said before, i know some days will be easier to blog then others, but if even for a moment i take a time out and recognize my blessings, i know i'll recognize the blessings of love, friendship, happiness, health, family, work, many things.


Liz, Karl and Madison said...

What a good idea. Those are all great things to be grateful for!

Dan and Sheila said...

That's great that you want to join the blogging family. I'm thankful for the time we spent at the hospital when we had our baby and the new friend that we met. Thanks
Daniel and Sheila

themacmomma said...

I'm greatful you are doing this challenge! I look forward to seeing you post so frequently!
I love hearing your writing voice, it is you. I can hear you talking when I read it!
You are beautiful Kort.