Friday, May 29, 2009


"Mom, there's a snake outside." Karson, don't joke, that's gross." "No mom, really there's a snake by the garage."

Sure enough, there is a snake slithering across my garage door. Karson opens the door so now the snake is IN my garage! I HATE SNAKES!! My toes curl so tight, my ears start ringing, and my blood pressure sky rockets...I HATE SNAKES.

It's the middle of the afternoon so Jason is still at work. I call my friend whose hubby does swing shift and they're not home. The neighbor boy is gone...who is going to save me from this snake. Enter: Brother B!! Oh ya, I sent Karson to go get his primary teacher, retired and hopefully just sittin at home.

Brother B, shows up and gets mr. snake in a bowl, then in a water bottle, and I send Karson off to send the snake down the ridgeline. I'm sure he'll probably come back, but at least he's gone for now.

Now the real kicker...Brother B hates snakes too!! Thank you Brother B, you saved the day!

Monday, May 25, 2009

I love Memorial Day...the chance to take a timeout and just reflect, remember, and appreciate.

My sisters and I were raised with a great appreciation for our country and the men and women who serve this country. Not only was my dad military, but I have many cousins and uncles who served in the military. Air Force, National Guard, and Marines. Jason's dad is also retired Air Force Reserves. I'm sincerely thankful for the many sacrifices that are made in my behalf, so my family and I have the freedoms we enjoy. Please, if you see a man or woman in uniform, shake their hand and say thankyou...those words can never be offered to much!

We started the day out bright and early with the kids running a one mile race in Syracuse Park. It was alot of fun and they enjoyed the competition, Karson especially. Although we gave him the "pace yourself" speech the night before, as soon as race guides said "GO" who was off...eyes wide, holding breath, arms just a pumping!! He ended up running the whole mile and ran it in 7:30 min. Taylorann had a great time. She wasn't too concerned about "busting butt" and just wanted to have fun. She and Trevor, the neighbor boy just ran with each other.

We then went to Utah county to visit the gravesites. I know the cemetaries are always so full and busy this day, but I love being able to go. I love to see all the flowers, and just enjoy the beauty of it.

Darrell Beveridge- GrandpaB.
David Mark Williams

Here we are at Grandma Adams grave, because she passed away only a few weeks ago,there is no headstone. (Karson, Taylorann, Jaxon, Makayla, Marissa, Maranda, and Madison. Abby went camping for the weekend so we didn't get to see her.)

Back home for some BBQ with our next door neighbors, Jason and Julie, and their boys Tyler and Trevor. Not really sure why Jason has his hands on his hips but he looks pretty cute though right!

And here's baby Jax just along for the ride. He is such a good sport. Very patient and such a happy baby! Always quick with a smile.
I love my family!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

look at me now....

Jaxon was being so cute today!

He would stand straight up and lock his little legs. I set him against the couch with his little bum balancing him...the kids thought for sure Jax was standing by himself.

He looks soo big...can't believe 6 months from now he'll be doing this on his own.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Well...i think i'm starting to understand this blogging stuff just a little bit more. Thanks to the help of some friends...hopefully i can remember what you taught me. So how bout an update!!

Jaxon Kade Payne joined our family December 14th, 2008. He has been a joy and a blessing in our family! It has been so fun watching taylorann and karson enjoy their roles as his sibling. They both take pride in bringing laughs and smiles to their baby brother. Thank you baby Jax for your sweet spirit!

Karson is all boy!! He is very much into skate boarding, football, collecting and trading football cards, and finding every opportunity to tease his sister!! He has had so much fun in the first grade this year and is doing wonderful at reading. It brings joy to my heart as he expresses his love for Taylorann and Jaxon. He is very tender-hearted and wants to make people happy. He is happiness!

Taylorann is my sweet friend! I love the relationship we have as mom and daughter and also as friends. I'm glad she wants to spend time with me, i fear this won't always be the case! She loves life and lives it to the fullest! She is very much into Hannah Montana and has every song memorized. She loves "acting" or putting on shows. Whether it be dancing, singing, or role playing, she is always happy to have an audience. She is huge help to me and I am so thankful to her and for her!

Jason...Jason seems to find a new hobby every year. First fishing, then geo caching, then grave hunting, and most recently running. Out of the blue he tells me he's going to do the Ogden 1/2 marathon with his buddies from work. True to his word, he trained for and ran an impressive 2:31 minute 1/2 marathon! Too cool Jace!!

I myself have taken on a new role as a college student! As daunting as this was in the beginning, it has been a rewarding experience! I have enjoyed the opportunity to step outside...way outside my comfort zone and expand myself. I love my job as a CNA on the mom and baby unit. I really enjoy the people and patients I work with. More than anything I love being a wife and mother to a wonderful family. They are my life. They each play such an important part in who I am today!

Sorry for the novel but that's what happens when you have nearly 6 months of updating. Hopefully I'll stay on top of things...this really is kinda fun!

Monday, May 11, 2009

why can't i figure out how to blog!! i keep following all the promps but it's not working!! ahhh...