Sunday, November 23, 2008

What a great night!! We started the night out at Su Casa with Gregg and Carrie, good food/good friends. Then we hoped on trax and headed to the stadium. End result:Utah 48- BYU 24!! Jason and I had so much fun. Karson kept trying to convince me that I needed to give him my ticket. He would remind me that it was going to be cold, loud, and that I'd have to hike the stairs to row 53, I felt bad (kinda) but I kept my ticket!

Utes are 12-0 and headed to a BCS Bowel. Jason has made it clear that he is heading to the game and to make sure I have support with two week old Jaxon- he will leave Taylorann with me and is more than willing to take Karson off my hands! May I add last time he left me for the bowl game he told me it was a once in a lifetime opportunity! Oh well- what can I do. Anyway- we had a lot of fun this year and can't wait for next years season tickets to go on sale. Is there an age limit in writing a letter to Santa?


windhula said...

Hey Jason, thanks for the invite to Su Casa and the football game with Pete. I know I live in Tucson but an invitation is always nice. Punk! I'm sure you and Pete are just stoked for your Utes. Wish I could have watched the game...the UofA Wildcats were playing the same night to they took over the air waves.

Jenny said...

Hey! I found your blog off of Liz's. I added you on my list. What is your email address so I can send you an invite to my blog?

Carrie said...

dinner was is good to keep in touch. we will have to more often than just for football. UTES rock and it was an amazing game! I feel the same way about the bowl game as Jason. I think I am pushing going more than Gregg! If they go to Tuscon we are there for sure....

themacmomma said...

Well hellooooo!
Jake left a comment on our blog and said he found us through the Payne's, I was like Kortney? Where is she??? I've been looking!
Thank heavens for site meter. I saw someone from ID and checked it!
It's you!!!
What are you doing in ID??? How long have you been there?
AND you are almost done w/ your 3 pregnancy! Congratulations!
I'm excited to keep in touch!

onceapickle said...

If you do find a way to get tickets from Santa please let me know. It's the only way my hubby will be going to the game. We did the whole "once in a life time" thing too for the Fiesta Bowl. We should be good then, right?

Good luck with the upcoming arrival of baby #3. We're so happy for you guys.

Scott and Lonna said...

HEY...WE WANT TO SEE BABY PICS OF JAXON with his brother and sister of course! Now that Christmas is over and the Ute's won...time to update your blog! Love you guys!