Saturday, November 1, 2008

Taylorann and Karson Halloween 2008

Even the rain couldn't stop these two goblins from the yearly Trick or Treating fun! This year Taylorann spent the evening with some friends from school. Movie, pizza and trick or treating. Mom was a little sad that she's already starting the "I'd rather be with my friends" stage, but excited that she has made good friends at school.

Karson took Jason around the neighborhood and scored BIG TIME!! His bag got so heavy Jason ended up calling me to come pick them up. They came home and rested for a whole 5 minutes and Karson was ready to head back out again. Jason was a good sport and took him. I stayed home to hand out treats and finish an english assignment. GOOD TIMES!


Scott and Lonna said...

NICE costumes guys! Hope you got loads and loads of candy! Nice to see you guys are getting a Blog started!

Lindsay said...

Welcome to the blogging world!! I am going to link you guys to ours.

Kristin said...

hey i love the costumes!!! Karson and Tay look awesome :)