Saturday, July 10, 2010


In my parent's home, my mom has a crosstich plaque that states, "God mad us sisters, Love made us friends." The tradition in my family is girls, girls, and more girls. My grandma B. came from a family of 4 daughters, she had 4 daughters, my mom had 3 daughters and my older sister Nisha has 4 daughters. (I honestly hope one of her daughters has all girls. Just for tradition's sake!)
There is a special bond between sisters, and this bond what testified to me in a most humble way! As my grandma's sister, my Aunt Carol, battles cancer, I watched the tenderness and grace my grandma offered as she helped her sister walk across the lawn to the house. The manner in which she held her, it was as if to say, "Sis, I know you can do it, but I'm here if you need me!"

It was one of those lessons that you learn where no word is spoken, no script is read and the heart hears more than the ears!! Because of this, I hope to be a better sister. A better friend. A better person!

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Grandma K said...

Oh Kort! This is so sweet! Way to make me cry! I just love the pics of Mom and Aunt Carol. So tender. Thanks for making this post. Sisters (and daughters) really are the BEST!